Envision a revitalized YOU

Healthy retirement can be specific to you simple sustainable

Transforming to healthy non-financial retirement doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Personal Growth / Life’s Work

Construct a vision and a mission for your healthy retirement life.

Mind/Body Health

Discover a path that encompasses science-based tools for behavior and habits to support a vibrant lifestyle.

Relationship & Community

Build and maintain connection oriented communities for a holistic and supporting network.

Curiosity & Exploration

Enhance the richness of your life by embracing curiosity and exploration.

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Most people plan more for a short vacation than they do for the next 30 years in retirement.

Did you know that..

Are You Ready to Find YOU and Live An Actualized Life?

I believe it’s time to shift the old paradigm around the word “retirement.” Many of us have worked hard to achieve our goals and now have the ability to truly enjoy the lives we’ve earned, but we may have given little thought to what a healthy retirement lifestyle could look like.

We were told if we work hard our whole lives, we could enjoy our retirement…but no one actually tells us HOW to do that. I’ve found that many people find themselves in a slump, not knowing how to use their time, manage their health, think about longer term financial decisions, or truly feel fulfilled without their career being the center point of their lives.

That’s where I come in. Gone are the days of growing old gracefully. Let’s grow old in style!

Envision Healthy Retirement is perfect for you if:

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Are you ready to take control of your life to actualize a purposeful and healthy retirement lifestyle?

Are you an executive who is at the top of your game, but struggles with major life changes around retirement? Or have you already retired and are feeling lost, unhealthy, and unsure of next steps?

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This Program Is For Executives Who:

We empower you to create abundance in your life, and live the life you worked so hard to achieve.

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Want to take action in their life

retirees needing help adjusting

Are willing to do the work

Retirement goals

Are willing to invest in themselves

abundant retirement

Feel worthy of having healthy retirement they envision

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Meet Your Guide, Nancy Schwartz

Nancy Schwartz is the Founder and Principal of Envision Healthy Retirement. She spent her career in corporate leadership roles.

She founded the successful retained search company, SearchExecution, and was previously Client Partner at Korn Ferry. In those roles, Nancy worked across a variety of industries in markets ranging from global multinationals to early-stage private equity and venture capital. Her innovative and solution-oriented approach to solving complex issues earned her high praise and recognition.

Nancy is an advocate of personal growth and enrichment, and has graduated from Tiny Habits®, Retirement Options, HeartMath, and Health Coach Institute, to name a few, as a Health and Lifestyle Consultant and graduated from Skidmore College. She is a member of select mentorships in both health and business.

She is dedicated to her client’s success and growth as they transform into a life they envision and own.

“I was an exhausted and frustrated corporate consultant. I struggled with sustained energy and declining health, despite being a health nut. Working in a high stress environment, I found myself compelled to find a solution to this unsustainable lifestyle. I knew that moving forward, I would have to work to intentionally carve out a life that I wanted to live. As I neared retirement, I began to consider my next steps.

I went on a journey to find non-financial retirement help and couldn’t find the support that I was searching for. I decided to educate myself from the top global experts in health and retirement, utilizing science-based systems. I was inspired to create my company, Envision Healthy Retirement, utilizing my transformational system, Find YOU and Live An Actualized Life.

Today, I want to share this revolutionary approach that I have spent years developing to serve others in creating their own retirement trajectory.”

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Find You and Live an Actualized Life

The world has been thrown upside down in what is considered the traditional versus non-traditional retirement models.


Everyone needs help navigating a healthy retirement, however it’s rarely discussed. Most executives struggle with major life changes around retirement. I believe you have a choice in how you live your life and by forming a clear path forward, you can radically change the quality of that life. However, inaction will inevitably cost you the freedom, joy, and contentment you deserve. You are not alone and I can help you define a path to make this season of your life your best yet.

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