When the time comes to enter your second chapter, it can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect. On the one hand, it means you’re free from the demanding career, and can start a new way of living. That means you can enjoy immense freedom; on the other hand, there is a wealth of adjustments that need to be made in order to make the most of this stage of life.


To help guide you through these changes, I offer monthly Lifestyle Tools for healthy retirement that you consider as part of your newly acquired freedoms: physical freedom, emotional freedom, geographic freedom, time freedom, financial, and finally relationship freedom.


These Lifestyle Tools include how to best stay active mentally and physically, build relationships with new friends and family members, set financial goals, and healthy living habits – all aiming towards making your second chapter more fulfilling. Read on for some practical advice about taking on newfound freedoms!

Loss of Purpose?

Loss of Purpose? Has your world turned upside down? Are those unconscious daily habits and routines that turned into a job or if you were lucky a career no longer? Do you miss the industry you served and the people? Perhaps you lived at the right time and right place

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Understanding Hybrid Retirement: Beyond Financial Benefits

Understanding Hybrid Retirement: Beyond Financial Benefits Either you will look forward to retirement or absolutely dread the prospect. Retirement for most is interpreted as a dead end, such as the end of a career. Hybrid retirement, however, is a concept that some companies offer as a way for workers to

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Relationship Freedom

Relationship Freedom Your Second Chapter can be a great time to create new relationships, or nurture decades old friendships. It’s a chance to meet new people, develop strong bonds with those who share the same interests and values, and explore different experiences. Here are Lifestyle Tools to help you make

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Time Freedom

Time Freedom Most of us, up until this point in our lives, have led very full lives with roles including leading companies, mother, father, caregiver, friend, mentor, charity supporter, grandparent, and many other roles too many to detail here.    TIME IS A DIMINISHING ASSET For many of us, time

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Part II: Geographic Freedom

Part II: Geographic Freedom In Part I of this article we discussed the benefits of geographical freedom are many and varied, and can result in higher productivity, greater life satisfaction, and a better work-life balance. The ability to work and live from anywhere is becoming a standard for modern businesses

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