Complimentary Educational Workshop

“You Planning™”

It’s time to DISRUPT how you think about retirement!

Retirement is Meant to be Your Reward for a Life Well Lived!

Growing up, I imagined retired people sitting in rocking chairs, chatting idly about the good ol’ days. However, as I started approaching retirement age myself, I realized that was the furthest thing from the truth! 


How are you spending yours? The truth is, many of us plan more for a trip to the grocery store than our retirement!


Sure, we have money in the bank and may have made some great investments, but we never got past that to think about what our day-to-day lives could look like. Think about it – we spent our whole lives working hard, acquiring skills, honing our talents, and saving money to enjoy our freedom. So, how are we going to spend it?

Are you ready to take action to achieve a healthy retirement that is simple, sustainable and fulfilling?


What if retirement could be:

  • Purposely aligned with your short and long term life goals
  • Focused on your health with simple and sustainable habits designed for longevity
  • Actualized to channel your talents and brilliance in the world
  • Focused on quality so that you can enjoy the retirement you worked so hard to earn
  • Envisioned by YOU

In this Workshop, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Upend the old retirement stereotype
  • Envision our ideal retirement
  • Take SMART action steps to create the retirement life of Your dreams!