Navigating the Tricky Transition from Career to Healthy Retirement

Retirement is a major milestone in anyone’s life, and while it is often touted as a time where you can finally relax and enjoy the rewards of your hard labor, it can be quite difficult to navigate the transition from a busy career into a healthy retirement. The real fact is that it isn’t a transition, it’s a transformation. For many professionals, the idea of not having a daily routine and purpose can be daunting, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression, or worse. However, with a growth mindset you can find your REAL SELF again, and build a new life to be fulfilling that will feed your health for many more years.


Start Planning Early:
What society and financial experts tell you is to start planning early. While it can be tempting to put it off until closer to retirement age, the more time you have to prepare, the smoother your transition will be. Start by thinking about the things you want to accomplish in retirement, whether it be travel, learning a new skill, or finally having free time to spend with family and friends.

The reality is very different. Who can start to prepare when you are in the middle of a fully realized career? There is no time. PERIOD. Second, how in the world will you carve out any time. By the way, you are probably a sandwich family supporting children and your parents too. It is simply not possible. Having lived that life, once you are near the “retirement threshold,” taking your supposed retirement seriously is an understatement. It will become a full time job, for the mind, body and soul. For example, let’s just start with retraining all your bad habits, so that you can live a fulfilled life. Everyone needs an upgrade everywhere.


Keep Your Mind Active:
Science points to the fact to keep your mind active to combat feelings of boredom and loneliness. That’s a serious understatement. Loneliness and a softened mind are precursors to death. Forget this advice to pick up a “hobby.” If you have been that top performer, you want impact, not a hobby. More to the point, stay engaged and curious at all costs across all levels in your community.


Emotional Challenges:
This phase of life isn’t without personal trials. Retirement can bring up a range of emotions, including feelings of loss, anxiety, and confusion. Retirement signals the end of a long and fulfilling career and can bring up feelings of uncertainty around the future. It is crucial to acknowledge these emotions and give ourselves time to process them. Some people find that making a plan and setting new goals can help them deal with these feelings. On the darker side, thoughts such as “is there all there is to life” circle and swirl throughout the days. Getting the emotional challenges in place is paramount to a serene future life. Sometimes, it even takes acknowledging a sincere pain point in your past. Recognizing professional help, and the want to take action, are huge stepping blocks towards a brighter future.


With a growth mindset, the transformation of the yourself from a busy career to a healthy retirement can be achieved. That doesn’t mean it’s a walk on easy street, or it magically falls into place. It’s about action and taking steps towards where you want to go. Build a tool box of lifestyle support systems such as physical activity, consciousness, and social interaction to guide you. Everybody’s journey is different, and so is your starting place into a healthy retirement. Trust the process of the transformation!