Physical Freedom

During a career, other than company-mandated yearly physicals or bouts with flu, most of us are rarely sick.  Even if we are sick, we push through.  NO MORE!  If you are in a career, start learning what your baselines are, meaning medical markers you can use to chart your progress through the upcoming decades.  These baselines will be useful to point out “health watch zones” before they impact your metabolic fitness even more seriously. 



In and around retirement, most of us witness first time health issues, although we have been aging since our 30’s!  Now is the time to start thinking about your body’s overall health and wellness.  Support the body’s fluidity and wonder by creating a regime you will stick to, and have bandwidth to grow. 



Ask yourself, what are your goals in training?  Is it strength training, cardio fitness, balance training, flexibility, or something else?  Vary your training sessions, and make sure to include a rest day.  Restorative health is equally if not more important to your training goals, as these are the moments of cellular repair needed for long term maintenance. 

Decide if you like to train solo, with a partner, or in a group setting.  The likelihood you will remain consistent and your performance improves, depends on if you are satisfied with the manner of your training.  Seasonal training may also apply, depending where you live.  Could your training be moved outside in warmer weather? 



Physical training is crucial for maintaining good health and quality of life in longevity. However, it is equally vital to have a regime tailored specifically to your goals and needs to achieve the desired results. Focus on exercises that align with your fitness goals and that you vary your routine to avoid boredom and reduce the risk of injury.  By creating a physical training regime that suits you and your goals, you are investing in your long-term health and wellbeing.




Hold yourself accountable and track your training progress. Use technology to your advantage which will help monitor heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability,) steps, readiness, and sleep scores.  Most common wearables (such as Oura Ring or Apple Watch) cover this trackable data and much much more. 

It’s worth investing in your physical health as your health is your wealth!