The American Quick Fix Solution Doesn’t Work in the Retirement Journey

The retirement journey marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, a journey far from the chaos of day to day grind, and an experience we have yet to experience.   As a society why are we so focused on the financial aspect, leaving personal growth and your health way behind.  We have been conditioned to believe that quick fixes are the only solution, the magic wand that transforms our lives in an instant.  Experience tells a different story. Our journey is a process, an intricate tapestry that requires effort and patience. It is time we understand that life’s greatest pleasures come to those who embrace change, resilience, and humor.


Shock To The System

According to the American Psychological Association, retirement without significant planning can result in a “shock to the system.” The lack of structure that comes with this new chapter can have adverse effects on our overall wellbeing. Therefore, it’s imperative to focus on all aspects of our lives.  For example, you can explore new interests or volunteer for a social cause that’s closest to your heart – a chance to rediscover yourself after all those years of working.  “Who am I?” is a big question during this phase of exploration.

Upgraded nutrition and movement can bring about long-term benefits to our health. A better healthy lifestyle, coupled with physical activities such as yoga or walking may provide much-needed mental peace and clarity. Make a conscious effort to achieve the right balance between healthy food, hydration, and physical activity as steps to your longevity plan.


Include Play In Day To Day Living

We often forget the significance of play, not being bound by the calendar, and enjoying moments of fun. Retirement should be a time when we reconnect with our curious spirit that we all have within us. We can travel to places we’ve never been or stargaze with our loved ones. Playing games and mingling with friends can bring immense joy and happiness.

Lastly, build and maintain meaningful relationships.  Go out to live social events which can provide a sense of purpose and social engagement that we all crave.



In conclusion, the American quick fixes have left us with an insatiable desire for an easy fix to life’s most complex challenges, including the retirement journey.  Because of science-based research, we can acknowledge that personal growth, health, improved nutrition, movement, play, and building relationships are crucial.  Adopting revised beliefs and values can lead to a happier and more fulfilling existence.  My hope for you is to embrace the journey towards retirement with a receptive and open mindset!